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Cildren's Piano

Piano Basics First 10 Songs for beginners: play black keys songs by numbers, play white keys songs by colors or by letters, read Music notes 

 Based on 25+ years of teaching  experience

Piano Hands Technique

Piano Hands Bestseller Best Piano Fingers Technique

Fingers Dexterity

Piano PRO How Practicing Piano Scales help to play Fast & Easy

Xylophone Twinkle twinkle littlestarMar had a little lambJingle bells Refrain

Lesson 2

Learn 7 piano notes in Treble Clef

5 fingers Right Hand

Music Toys

Xylophone is the best toy for a Preschooler or even Toddler to learn piano alphabet and play first songs by following Rainbow colored notes. It is important to find a xylophone with the same colors as you see here. Try to play "Twinkle twinkle little star song" 

First piano songs which can be played even by very young children: 

following notes by colors or finger numbers

5 finger songs are the easiest to start with

"Jingle bells" play by colors or letters