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Magical World of Music

A site for FREE musical gifts downloads and Lessons 

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Marzena (Maka)

Mrs. M.A. Splawski is a charismatic Leader loved by her Piano Students for over 25 years!  Motto: "My students never quit"

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Section A. Music Gifts

Section B. Music Decor

Section C. Music Lessons 

I. Learn to play piano fast 

II. Teach Piano to children 

III. Piano for adults

IV. Music Theory

Get Sheet Music for Piano Beginners II. Get New Designs for Free (1 - 3 every week) and Cool discounts codes for our products in 4 Categories: apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies), wall decor (posters, canvas, decals, stickers), Drinkware (mugs and tumblers), Pets 

III. We learn together - we share practical tips and tricks How to design for yourself, create great gifts for free, and learn to sell 

Who are our Members?

Music is our main brand: Rock n Roll, Classical, from the movies, romantic piano ++ great for Music Lovers Fans Teachers Musicians Bands Song Writers and Performers. 

A. We love Hard Rock - Music Power House, Mythical Creatures, and musical animals playing guitars, keyboard, and drums

B. Classical Music - piano lessons based on 25+ teaching piano to children and all professional teaching techniques

Create beautiful Personal Musical Gifts, home, and office decorations everybody loves, wedding and bachelorette parties decor and gifts, Wall Art canvas posters stickers, decals, wrapping paper, award medals, ornaments, musical mugs and tumblers wine glasses jars dishes and more

 Musical toys games puzzles 

Cute Pets Custom Portraits Magical and Royal pillows bedding bowls blankets mats bandanas with pets´ names and photo